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Looking Back at Back-to-School 2012

Parker School Uniforms Houston Texas
It is time to bid farewell to Back-to-School 2012.  As always, I want to send out a big thank you to our wonderful employees and customers.  Whether you shopped early in the season during our June Sale or waited until the last day before school, we hope that your experience with Parker was a positive one.  We work 365 days a year to make the months of June, July and August run as smoothly as possible.  I also want to thank everyone who either completed an online Customer Survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RG9LC5C) or posted a comment on Facebook. We love to hear all of your feedback – good and bad.  It is always our goal to improve our clothing, our stores, and our processes, and we cannot do that without feedback from our very important customers. And remember, shoppers who complete our online survey receive a coupon good for 15% off one item.

Before we officially bid goodbye to the current year, I’d like to take a moment to review some of our recent accomplishments and talk about a few of our current goals:

Things to Brag About

  1. Back-to-school 2012 was one of our best, both in terms of satisfied customers and in stock merchandise.  I am happy to report that back orders decreased for a second year in a row, down 20% compared to 2011.
  2. An ever-increasing number of our customers shopped early and saved during our annual June sale.  This year, our June shoppers saved over $330,000 company-wide.
  3. Over the past two years, Parker has rolled out stylish and functional updates to some of our best-selling merchandise including our new oxfords, polos, Boys pants, micro fleece jackets, super soft acrylic sweaters and socks with our Comfort Toe technology.

Our To Do List

  1. It is our promise to you that we will continue to update and improve our corporate technology to make the shopping experience even easier for our customers.  In the next year, we hope to offer a Parker app for your smart phones.
  2. Thanks to important new hires in our design department (http://blog.parkersu.com/2012/09/24/the-dog-blog-zoe-interviews-lucia-boss/), we will be reviewing all of our designs to ensure that they have the fit and feel that our customers expect.
  3. We will continue to listen to our customers!  We love to say that we are an upside down company — our customers are at the top telling us what they need and we are at the bottom making it all happen.  Please call, post, praise or complain!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012/2013 school year.  We’ll be here in Houston working away at next year so that we have plenty to brag about come next September.  Best Wishes!

Troy Pike, CEO


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Looking Back at Back-to-School 2011

Well, we have almost made it through another back-to-school season.  We are in the process of finishing our final “to dos,” i.e. processing returns and exchanges, finishing some monogramming and silk-screening, and shipping out any final items that were backordered.  At our corporate offices, we are already planning for back-to-school 2012.  Before we get too far down the road, however, we would like to take a moment to send out a few thank yous to our wonderful employees and customers.

Back-to-school for our stores began in June with our popular June sale and we have not slowed down since.  Back-to-school for our warehouse and production personnel began even sooner.  They have been working overtime since April.  We can’t say enough thank yous to our loyal employees who have worked so hard this back-to-school season.  We appreciate all you do.

Thank you also to our Parker families, both to those who shopped early and avoided the lines and to those who waited patiently during the final days before school.  We appreciate all of our customers and thank you very much for your business.  We know that it is unrealistic to believe that all of our customers will have a positive experience every time they come into the store.  It is our promise to you, however, that we will continue to improve our processes, technology and personal service so that we can make Parker the industry leader in customer service.

With all of that in mind, we wanted to share just a little of the great feedback we have received from customers this year.  Unless otherwise noted, these customer comments were sent directly to our customer service department.

Parker, Hello, I wanted to comment on the great service my family and I received on August 5th.  Employees were friendly and helpful in getting my daughter’s proper size of uniforms.  Although they didn’t have my daughter’s size they used same style to check and placed order to ship to our home. We received our order August 10th and it was perfect fit and in time for school this coming week.  Thank you so much for selecting great staff at 2108 NW Military in San Antonio, Tx location.  Have a blessed day. – P. Guerrero

Missy Grey, Parker School Uniforms Austin Store ManagerI shop for uniforms in Austin. I have three children ranging in ages of 25 to 13. For years we have purchased all of our uniforms from the Austin location. The owner of that store has the most fantastic sales people. I love going to that store because of the great service I receive each time. It has never varied over the past 15 plus years. Every visit amazes me—-they are my favorite place I shop. Thanks for providing the best service I have ever received! T.Hussey

I am writing this to tell you how VERY impressed I was today with your employees at the Houston/Post Oak store! I witnessed two customers who were soooo rude and out of line and all of the employees were just as nice and polite as they could be, all of them with big smiles for everyone! I believe it was the manager that I was particularly impressed by…she was patient and kind and polite as two different women were so rude and angry…it was all I could do not to say something to the customers. I’m here to tell you their attitudes, words and actions were HORRIFYING! And, the thing that makes it even more impressive is that both of these “attacks” (that’s probably too strong of a word but “incidents” doesn’t do them justice!) occurred after 6:00pm…the second one was actually at 6:45…a time when your employees would every right to be tired and cranky…I assure you, they were not! It seems like people these days only take time to complain so I wanted to be sure that you are aware of the amazing employees you have at the Post Oak store!!! – C. Lehane

We loved that during a two day period last month, three different customers completed our online customer survey and commented on the great service they received from Ashley in our Carrollton store:

Ashley was a great help

A gal named Asley helped me. She made our shopping experience stress free. She had a very happy attitude and knew what she was doing.

Ashlee was VERY helpful.  My son has a thin build and long legs, so I’ve had to buy his pants too big so that I can get the right length.  This year Parker offered the adjustable waist and I wasn’t aware.  She offered me lots of options and helped me find the right pair.  She helped me find what I needed rather than what I asked for.  She was GREAT!

Thanks to everyone for a great back-to-school 2011!


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