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Introducing Maryln Appelbaum

With August just around the corner, it is time to change gears a little bit at the Parker Blog.  For most of the summer, we have enjoyed focusing on the benefits of time spent out of doors, but it’s time to go inside.  As back-to-school nears, parents usually have two responses.  The first is a feeling of sadness that summer is ending and the children soon will be going back to school.  The second, and perhaps more common, is a feeling of excitement (some might say elation) that summer is ending and the children will soon be going back to school.  No matter which group you fall into, one thing is sure — there is nothing like summertime to make parents appreciate the patience, dedication and hard work it takes to be a teacher.

Teachers shoulder an enormous amount of responsibility when it comes to the well-being and educational success of the children in their classrooms.  During the school year, children usually spend more quality time with their teachers and classmates than they do their own families.  We all know that a lifetime of preparation goes into being a teacher.  From university degrees, to experiences in the classroom, to continuing education, teachers are always learning.  We are excited to introduce you to a Houston woman who has been a teacher, administrator, and now a well-known name in teacher training, Maryln Appelbaum.  Appelbaum has spent the better part of her lifetime helping teachers (and parents) learn how to handle the challenges and opportunities that arise when working with children.  Because we hope to call on Appelbaum for her insights in future Parker Blogs, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about her.

Appelbaum is co-owner and co-founder of Appelbaum Training Institute (“ATI”), headquartered in Sugar Land, TX and the author of over 30 how-to books geared exclusively to educators and parents.  Appelbaum, who has a doctorate in Psychology and Master’s degrees in both Psychology and Education, has been working with children since 1973 as a therapist, teacher, headmaster and consultant for families and schools.  She has been owner and headmaster of three Montessori educational centers and one private school for children here in Houston and has served as the Executive Director of the National Center for Child Care Professionals. Appelbaum is a national authority on educating children and teachers.

From the beginning of her career, Appelbaum has focused on how to make sure that all kids, even difficult kids, have a successful learning experience in the classroom.  According to Appelbaum, her Montessori schools were known for taking the more challenging students, the ones other schools might not accept into their programs.  She believes it is imperative for parents and educators to see their students as individuals with unique personalities and needs.  With the proper training, Appelbaum believes parents and educators can learn effective and useful strategies for handling all children.  It was this idea that inspired her masters thesis and her first published book, Do It Right: 101 Solutions for Discipline Dilemmas.  What started as one book has turned into thirty with titles such as How to Talk to Kids So They Will Listen, How to Listen so Kids Will Talk, and How To Teach Kids to Read and Write.

After leading teaching seminars in Houston and around Texas for other organizations, Texas state licensing officials contacted Maryln and asked if she had considered going into the training business herself.  In 1989, Maryln did just that when she and her son, Marty Appelbaum, founded ATI.  Today, the company is the country’s largest child-care training organization, having trained over a million child care professionals since its founding.   ATI has two training divisions.  The first is its preschool division that operates training seminars covering multiple topics from light-hearted (Squishy Gooey Art Fun) to difficult (Child Abuse: What You Must Know).  ATI also has a K-12 Division that operates seminars focusing on one specific topic such as bullying, anger management or how to handle difficult students.  Instead of spending a lot of time on theory, all the ATI training courses focus on multiple strategies that teachers can use in various situations.

Appelbaum’s positive outlook and successful strategies have garnered her and her company plenty of media attention and a loyal following over the years.  Over 70,000 teachers, parents and even churches have registered to receive her free daily Messages from Maryln, where she gives a positive message focusing on children.  If you are interested in signing up for her daily messages, follow the attached link  http://www.atiseminars.org/mfm/.   If you would like to learn more about ATI’s seminars, order any of Appelbaum’s books, or view her recent media appearances, visit the ATI website: http://www.atiseminars.org/.

Maryln says the most important thing she has learned from her years of working with teachers, parents, and kids is that “even though all kids are different, they still have the same universal emotional needs of love, consistency, structure,  positive role models, freedom within limits to make choices, and the need to have fun and laugh.”  She adds that “all kids are treasures in their own unique ways, and it’s the adult’s job to discover the hidden treasures in their children and bring them forth to shine and glow.”  We at the Parker Blog would like to thank Maryln for her years of service to students and teachers.  We look forward to hearing more from her in the future.


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